Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim run

What seems both like yesterday and a long time ago, I ran the R2R2R run across the Grand Canyon and back, traveling about 50 miles and dropping in, crossing the Colorado River, climbing out and repeating for about 11,000 feet of climbing with Trevor Hostetler.

Trevor just went back for another trip and Brian Donnelly made a 4 minute movie that he’s shared on YouTube. When I watch it, it takes me back into the canyon. For me the biggest difference is that I started and finished in the dark, due to doing the run in November with a least 1 hour less of sun light, but also taking longer to do the run. However, the trails, the views, the slope of the decent into the canyon, the rhythm that the runners find on the flatter canyon floor are all very familiar.

Trevor is a competitive Ultra Marathon racer and goes there to see how fast he can make the trip. I’m long past my competitive days and let him run his own speed and I hung back with a couple women that we met right before starting that cold and dark morning. It was a coincidence that Melody Fairchild and Anne Marie Lauck were there to do the run also. I was happy to spend the day going at their pace and visiting.

Here’s Brain’s video of his recent run with Trevor.